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Greek participants in HandsOn Pilot 2 to join Open Discovery Space

Handson ICT  participants from Greece will join the Open Discovery Space (ODS) community & participate in a contest! The Greek participants of the Hands-on pilot 2 phase will have the opportunity to join the dedicated community created on Open Discovery

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MOOC analysis

The HANDSON consortium has carried out an analysis of the main MOOC platforms (Massive Open Online Courses) that exist in the market. These are the ones we analized in detail: Unimooc, Khan Academy, OpenLearning Initiative, edX, MIT Opencourseware, Canvas, Mooc2degree, Coursera,

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Using Open Resources in Schools

“Information technology can help to equalise the distribution of high quality educational opportunities throughout the world. In particular, having learning materials freely available for adaptation and re-purposing can expand access to learning of better quality at lower cost. A campaign to

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