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New MOOC includes Facilitators, Peer Mentors and Digital Badges

Posted by Muriel Garretta The new version of the HandsOn MOOC, will feature new badges: facilitation and peer-mentoring. On October 24th we will be launching our third MOOC with a Hangouts session (3 pm CEST). The course starts on Monday

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Call for facilitators: Learn to be a MOOC facilitator and much more!

Post by Carles Fernandez and Muriel Garretta The Hands-On ICT (HANDSON, http://handsonict.eu/) project aims at facilitating the integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning by developing a learning-by-doing environment, designed to be explored by educators, individually, or with the guidance

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HandsOn MOOC, Third Pilot, Begins October 2014

The second pilot course of the project has just finished. The MOOC has been really successful in terms of number of participants and the amount and quality of their work. Almost 800 persons from several nationalities joined the course, and

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Does ICT motivate learning?

There is a tacit assumption that children are motivated by using technology, but the evidence appears to be rather conflicting. Here are just three samples from many recent research findings. “The technology-supported learning environment improved student motivation and engagement by

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Digital Literacy, ICT Creativity and Computational Thinking Hans Christian Anderson’s story of the Emperor’s New Clothes is well known around the world. At the Mirandanet Symposium on the 9th July 2013, Ian Lynch will present a thought provoking paper relating

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The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education

The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education is being held in Torun, Poland from July 2-5, 2013. The conference theme is “Learning while we are connected” which makes this an excellent audience for a presentation about the ideas behind

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MirandaNet Workshop (28th May) – Introducing HANDSON Project

The questions we tackled in this workshop were: What are the outcomes we seek for learners in a 21st Century social, economic and technological context? Skills, competences and attitudes (personal, creativity, knowledge…)? What are the value systems for learning institutions?

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Brainstorming “ICT and Creativity” Themes

Presentations and Discussions – Kick-Off Meeting in Barcelona One of the presentations (delivered by Katya) was used to open a discussion about using ICT tools for enhancing creativity and collaboration through the global (online) project for secondary schools, called “FlatClassroom”. Katya also delivered this presentation

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