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Design Studio for ICT-based learning: Join us now!

The ‘Design Studio for ICT-based learning activities‘ MOOC will start on October 27th  and from now on we will have several warm-up activities to help you connect with each other. We invite you to join the MOOC (http://handsonict.eu/join-us/) and take

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Promoting HANDSON Themes

Dr Katya Toneva contributed to the recent MirandaNet Symposium (on 9th July): “Creative Practice in Classroom” and delivered a presentation that promoted key HANDSON Themes: Enabling collaborative strategies; The integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning; Matching ICT tools

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The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education

The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education is being held in Torun, Poland from July 2-5, 2013. The conference theme is “Learning while we are connected” which makes this an excellent audience for a presentation about the ideas behind

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Coming Event: MirandaNet Symposia (9th July)

MirandaNet are partners in the EU Hands-On project that is aiming to: Provide a holistic environment for teachers skills development in ICT; Integrate of ICT tools into teacher and learning; Match ICT tools to pedagogical practice; Enable collaborative strategies; Promote

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MirandaNet Workshop (28th May) – Introducing HANDSON Project

The questions we tackled in this workshop were: What are the outcomes we seek for learners in a 21st Century social, economic and technological context? Skills, competences and attitudes (personal, creativity, knowledge…)? What are the value systems for learning institutions?

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Brainstorming “ICT and Creativity” Themes

Presentations and Discussions – Kick-Off Meeting in Barcelona One of the presentations (delivered by Katya) was used to open a discussion about using ICT tools for enhancing creativity and collaboration through the global (online) project for secondary schools, called “FlatClassroom”. Katya also delivered this presentation

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