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A MOOC to learn and design ICT-based learning design activities

We are looking for educators to participate in a free, open and online course (MOOC) that will support you in the creation and adaptation of your lessons and learning activities with the use of ICT tools

The 27th of October we will launch the third edition of the Learning Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities MOOC. The course will last 5 weeks and a group of facilitators will support you in the task of designing your own learning activities and lessons. The course will be offered in six languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, Greek, Slovenian and French.

The features of the course are:

    • A focus on the Learning Design Studio (LDS) approach, a design process to help educators design courses and learning activities.
    • Facilitators from several countries with expertise in Online Learning, Creativity and the Learning Design Studio who will work with participants to explore the potential of this learning method to introduce ICT in the teaching and learning processes.
    • The opportunity to observe, practice and learn with other educators about methods for peer review and peer mentoring.
    • The creation of practical artefacts that can be reused by educators in their actual classrooms or learning scenarios
    • The use of specific tools to support the process of learning design: ILDE, Learning Designer and ODS

The second edition of the MOOC finished in June 2014, this short video is a summary of what participants did during the course: You can also have a look at the videos produced during pilot 2 to get an idea of what to expect during pilot 3:

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