Where HO will be?

Dates: 30/04/2014-30/04/2014
Name and Location: The Academies Show  (UK/London)
Partners attendance: Mirandanet

Dates: 30/04/2014-30/04/2014
Name and Location: Academies show 30th April at the ExCel in London  (Uk/London)
Partners attendance: Mirandanet

Dates: 10/06/2014-13/06/2014
Name and Location: EDEN (Croatia)
Partners attendance: MNET / FUOC

Dates: 25/06/2014-27/06/2014
Name and Location: MakeLearn (Slovenia)
Partners attendance: EMUNI / Mirandanet

Dates: 01/07/2014-04/07/2014
Name and Location: Key Competencies in Informatics and ICT (KEYCIT)  (Germany)
Partners attendance and authorship (*): Mirandanet

Dates: 07/07/2014-10/07/2014
Name and Location: ICALT2014  (Greece)
Partners attendance and authorship (*): EA / FUOC

Dates: 16/09/2014-19/09/2014
Name and Location: EC-TEL (Austria)
Partners attendance: N/A

Dates: 24/09/2014-25/09/2014
Name and Location: Consortium Meeting (Bulgaria)
(Dissemination day at the University of Sofia – 24/9)
Partners attendace: ALL

Dates: 01/12/2014-01/12/2014
Name and Location: Media & Learning (Belgium)
Partners attendance: Mirandanet

Dates: 07/01/2015-13/01/2015
Name and Location: BETT (UK)
Partners attendance: Mirandanet

Dates: 15/04/2015-17/04/2015
Name and Location: HANDSON Toolkit Workshops (Sevilla, Madrid)
Partners attendance: FUOC

Dates: 24/04/2015-27/04/2015
Name and Location: HANDSON Toolkit Workshops (Athens, Glasgow)
Partners attendance: EA, FUOC










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