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Role in HANDSON Project
As the MirandaNet HandsOn project leader, Christina is divides her time equally between administrator of the project and her role as researcher working mainly on the dissemination of the project achievements and developing strategies for ensuing that the project is sustainable at the end of the EU funding .

Short BIO
Dr Christina Preston founder and managing director of the MirandaNet Fellowship is also a part time Professor of Educational Innovation at the University of Bedfordshire. She presents and publishes internationally about the use of digital technologies as a catalyst for enriching teaching and learning.She has directed many research and online teaching projects funded by companies, charities, international government agencies and funding bodies like the EU.

In 1992 she established The MirandaNet Fellowship, a professional organisation that represents an eclectic mix of teachers, teacher educators, researchers, publishers, software developers and policy makers who share their experience and expertise in innovative modes of learning. The Fellowship that has more than 800 members in 80 countries is a not-for-profit community funded by associate companies that partner events and research projects. Christina has won five international awards for the design of innovative professional programmes promoting collaboration across national boundaries as well as the Naace Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the Chair of Trustees of World Ecitizens charity established by the MirandaNet Fellows in 2002 after the events of 9/11 in New York. This charity provides a web space where learners across the world can publish for an international audience: for more information.