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Learning Designer Tool

Post by Dr. Patricia Charlton Image Credit: Bryan Mathers   CC BY ND The learning designer tool is used internationally to create, share and modify learning designs. The emphasis on vocabulary and query centred around the teaching and learning perspective is pivotal

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Benefits for teachers in joining a MOOC

As mentioned in the previous post Dr. Sarah Younie, Dr. Patricia Charlton and Professor Christina Preston delivered a 45 minute conference presentation at BETT 2015 on MOOCs, their benefits and future potential. The presentation introduced the concepts and rationale behind a

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Is a well designed MOOC a cure for teachers work overload?

No 1. in a series of posts by Professor Christina Preston, MirandaNet Fellowship; partner of the EU HandsOn ICT project. Some elearning experiences are not as good as they might be for the students because the MOOC software designers have

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Design Studio for ICT-based learning: Join us now!

The ‘Design Studio for ICT-based learning activities‘ MOOC will start on October 27th  and from now on we will have several warm-up activities to help you connect with each other. We invite you to join the MOOC ( and take

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HandsOn Meeting in Sofia

By Slavi Stoyanov During the HANDSON meeting in Sofia, I presented some ideas on instructional design approaches in MOOCs and their implications for our HANDSON MOOC. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of a systematic literature review on pedagogies and instructional

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Certificació del MOOC pel Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya

En el marc del projecte europeu HANDSON s’ofereix un MOOC per aprendre i dissenyar activitats d’aprenentatge basades en les TIC. Aquest curs gratuït, obert i en línia (MOOC) consisteix en crear i adaptar activitats d’aprenentatge amb l’ús de les eines

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It’s not too late to join free HANDSON MOOC

We are delighted to announce that more than 1000 participants have already registered to the HANDSON MOOC. Educators from all over the world are joining the first MOOC to be offered in 7 languages in parallel.  Do you want to

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HandsOn MOOC, now available in 7 Languages

Image Credit: Nils Geylen – CC BY NC SA We are very pleased to announce that we have the opportunity to run the first MOOC to be offered in seven languages at the same time. The languages for the third edition

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New MOOC includes Facilitators, Peer Mentors and Digital Badges

Posted by Muriel Garretta The new version of the HandsOn MOOC, will feature new badges: facilitation and peer-mentoring. On October 24th we will be launching our third MOOC with a Hangouts session (3 pm CEST). The course starts on Monday

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Pedagogical approaches to the HandsOn MOOC Design

    Written by Slavi Stoyanov On behalf of the Open University of the Netherlands team Slavi Stoyanov presented the Handson project at the Sixth International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies held in Barcelona (7-9 July, 2014; The

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