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Reading the palm of the HANDSON project

The HANDSON team is currently working on the final report for the EC. This task is a nice opportunity to look back and forward at the same time and see all the work we have done together during 28 months.

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Benefits for teachers in joining a MOOC

As mentioned in the previous post Dr. Sarah Younie, Dr. Patricia Charlton and Professor Christina Preston delivered a 45 minute conference presentation at BETT 2015 on MOOCs, their benefits and future potential. The presentation introduced the concepts and rationale behind a

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Your ideas about ICT and education. Results from the brainstorming activity

The brainstorming about ICT and education is full of very interesting ideas about the pros, cons, constraints, gaps and breakdowns of the use of ICT in education.  All comments coming from your experience. Thank you for your contributions! And for

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Certificació del MOOC pel Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya

En el marc del projecte europeu HANDSON s’ofereix un MOOC per aprendre i dissenyar activitats d’aprenentatge basades en les TIC. Aquest curs gratuït, obert i en línia (MOOC) consisteix en crear i adaptar activitats d’aprenentatge amb l’ús de les eines

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Forthcoming Learning Designer Workshop in London.

Participating in courses an  activities online is now expected of most of us involved in Education. HANDSON partners. Mirandanet will be working in collaboration with Learning Designer Community, Hands-on ICT and Creative Digital Solutions  to facilitate this workshop on workshop on building teaching

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Call for facilitators: Learn to be a MOOC facilitator and much more!

Post by Carles Fernandez and Muriel Garretta The Hands-On ICT (HANDSON, project aims at facilitating the integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning by developing a learning-by-doing environment, designed to be explored by educators, individually, or with the guidance

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HandsOn MOOC, Third Pilot, Begins October 2014

The second pilot course of the project has just finished. The MOOC has been really successful in terms of number of participants and the amount and quality of their work. Almost 800 persons from several nationalities joined the course, and

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 Hands-On ICT at ARNES 2014, A guest post by Dr. Benjamin Lesjak Dr. Benjamin Lesjak, EMUNI, Slovenia; who is a member of the HANDSON consortium, recently delivered a presentation at ARNES 2014 Conference – Transferring Knowledge Benjamin presented his experiences of

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Designing a MOOC on training teachers to use ICT

This blog post describes summarily the steps the OUNL team took to design the HANDSON MOOC on training teacher with ICT. The terms of the HANDSON project stipulated that the entire design should seek to stimulate being creative on the

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