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Collaboration between LKL and Hands-ON-ICT: The Move-it-Online International Challenge

Post by Dr Patricia Charlton from the London Knowledge Lab.   The London Knowledge Lab (LKL) have been partners with the HANDSON project since early in the project , HANDSON workshop, London Knowledge Lab. Image Credit: TheoK, Licence CC BY Many

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Moving IT Online Challenge with Learning Designer

No 2. in a series of posts by Professor Christina Preston, MirandaNet Fellowship; partner of the EU HandsOn ICT project. As a member of the EU HandsOn ICT team, I have just completed the first three weeks of a five-week

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Is a well designed MOOC a cure for teachers work overload?

No 1. in a series of posts by Professor Christina Preston, MirandaNet Fellowship; partner of the EU HandsOn ICT project. Some elearning experiences are not as good as they might be for the students because the MOOC software designers have

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Why are educators joining the MOOC?

Bigger view  With over 2200 participants from 120 different countries  now signed up to the HANDSON MOOC “Design Studio for ICT based learning activities” the  responses collected on the survey forms reveal some of the very interesting reasons for signing up.

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HANDSON Associate Partners

The Hands-On ICT project Consortium has been working to create a large community with the HANDSON MOOC participants, the facilitators and also the Associate Partners (AP). The role of APs is very rellevant since they contribute to the project by providing their

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Every Letter is Negotiable

By Dr Peter Sloep   Massive Open Online Courses have put online education on the agendas of the boards of many universities. And that cannot be a bad thing. For too long universities have hand-cuffed innovation by ignoring the opportunities

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HandsOn Meeting in Sofia

By Slavi Stoyanov During the HANDSON meeting in Sofia, I presented some ideas on instructional design approaches in MOOCs and their implications for our HANDSON MOOC. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of a systematic literature review on pedagogies and instructional

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Forthcoming Learning Designer Workshop in London.

Participating in courses an  activities online is now expected of most of us involved in Education. HANDSON partners. Mirandanet will be working in collaboration with Learning Designer Community, Hands-on ICT and Creative Digital Solutions  to facilitate this workshop on workshop on building teaching

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Pedagogical approaches to the HandsOn MOOC Design

    Written by Slavi Stoyanov On behalf of the Open University of the Netherlands team Slavi Stoyanov presented the Handson project at the Sixth International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies held in Barcelona (7-9 July, 2014; The

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MOOCs: Tutor or Facilitator?

Written by Viktorija Florjančič, EMUNI team During my PhD study I carried out some research about the tutor’s role in an online course. Based on literature review I became aware of high dropout reported in different research studies (more in

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