Dr. Benjamin Lesjak

Dr. Benjamin Lesjak. EMUNI

Role in HANDSON Project
To prepare, conduct and evaluate pilot courses as a foundation to prepare MOOC content for teaching creativity techniques with ICT.
To collaborate with other researchers and disseminate results of evaluation.

Short BIO
Researcher, lecturer, mentor, project leader and legal adviser in the field of IT, internet and information society.

Lecturer at graduate and post graduate level, Lecturer in Centre for safer internet SAFE.SI that promotes and supports awareness aimed at the protection and education of children and teenagers, teachers and parents using Internet and new online technologies.

Researching skills (Coordinator and researcher in several research projects: Influence of information technology on efficiency of legal system in Slovenia (2010), E-competent citizen of Slovenia (2010), Digital forensics and its role in court proceedings (2008)).

Expert knowledge of legal data base and legal information retrieval (Development and conduct of several courses on retrieval legal resources on the Internet).

Dedicated to team work and collaboration (required at research and other project activities).

Specialties: Legal aspects of electronic commerce, personal data protection, access to public information, legal information systems, use of videoconferencing, legal e-services, legal aspects of social networks, information security and e-learning.