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Promoting HANDSON Themes

Dr Katya Toneva contributed to the recent MirandaNet Symposium (on 9th July): “Creative Practice in Classroom” and delivered a presentation that promoted key HANDSON Themes: Enabling collaborative strategies; The integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning; Matching ICT tools

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From Consumption to Creation (with ICT Facilitation)

Flat Classroom Global Project In the Autumn 2011, Dr Katya Toneva, a member of MirandaNet HANDSON Team, was involved in the Flat Classroom Project (FCP) [1] as the Project Manager for the International Community School (ICS), London. We believe that the

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The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education

The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education is being held in Torun, Poland from July 2-5, 2013. The conference theme is “Learning while we are connected” which makes this an excellent audience for a presentation about the ideas behind

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Promoting HANDSON at St Mary’s University College, London

HANDSON project approaches were  disseminated at St Mary’s University College in an eLearning Workshop (25th June). The  HANDSON Project is about learning and teaching creatively using ICT tools. Relevant techniques and learning activities will be selected within Work Package 3 (OUNL).

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Coming Event: MirandaNet Symposia (9th July)

MirandaNet are partners in the EU Hands-On project that is aiming to: Provide a holistic environment for teachers skills development in ICT; Integrate of ICT tools into teacher and learning; Match ICT tools to pedagogical practice; Enable collaborative strategies; Promote

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MirandaNet Workshop (28th May) – Introducing HANDSON Project

The questions we tackled in this workshop were: What are the outcomes we seek for learners in a 21st Century social, economic and technological context? Skills, competences and attitudes (personal, creativity, knowledge…)? What are the value systems for learning institutions?

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Brainstorming “ICT and Creativity” Themes

Presentations and Discussions – Kick-Off Meeting in Barcelona One of the presentations (delivered by Katya) was used to open a discussion about using ICT tools for enhancing creativity and collaboration through the global (online) project for secondary schools, called “FlatClassroom”. Katya also delivered this presentation

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