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Yishay Mor is the lead facilitator for pilot 2

About 200 teachers have currently registered to the second pilot of the HANDSON project. It will start on the 19th of May. This MOOC is called Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities and aims at helping educators introduce ICT in their teaching

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MOOC analysis

The HANDSON consortium has carried out an analysis of the main MOOC platforms (Massive Open Online Courses) that exist in the market. These are the ones we analized in detail: Unimooc, Khan Academy, OpenLearning Initiative, edX, MIT Opencourseware, Canvas, Mooc2degree, Coursera,

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Barcelona. 25th, 26th September.

Barcelona will hold the next transnational meeting, the second one of the project. Although initially Athens was the city planned (EA partner), the consortium has agreed to move the meeting to Barcelona. The reason is to celebrate the meeting while

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