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Watch or join this week convergence sessions! Choose your preferred language!

Have you heard about the HANDSON MOOC but you do not know yet whether to join us? You can watch the convergence session in your preferred language and see what it is about. Are you a participant already but have

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Prvi teden HANDSON MOOC-a

Pozdrav tudi vsem slovenskim udeležencem MOOC-a Slovenci smo že vajeni, da smo ponavadi prisotni v manjšem številu, pa vendar tu smo in z veseljem smo del velike skupnosti sestavljene iz več kot 2700 udeležencev v MOOC-u. Smo v prvem tednu

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Your ideas about ICT and education. Results from the brainstorming activity

The brainstorming about ICT and education is full of very interesting ideas about the pros, cons, constraints, gaps and breakdowns of the use of ICT in education.  All comments coming from your experience. Thank you for your contributions! And for

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Warm-up Activities – Twitter

The HANDSON MOOC has started! You have the possibility to participate in the warm-up activities and get to know the worldwide community of participants you are part of. Start participating answering these questions: “How often do you use technology in your

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Kick-off Meeting

The corporate headquarters of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Barcelona, co-ordinator of the project welcomed the partners of the Consortia from England, Greece, Slovenia, The Netherlands and Spain. Double objective: jointly establish bases for the Project and to assure

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