A report for educators: How to choose a MOOC for learning about ICT in education

The HANDSON project is about facilitating the inclusion of ICT in education. Since the beginning of the project – January 2013 – there has been a growing trend on designing and offering MOOCs for the continuous professional development of educators.

Also, as part of the project, we have designed a project-based MOOC for educators during which participants learn to design ICT-based learning activities. The course contents will be available for download within the following weeks and anyone interested will be able to run the MOOC.

Meanwhile, we have compiled in a report some of the work we have done for the design of the HANDSON MOOC: a benchmarking analysis on existing MOOCs for educators.

Download (PDF, 535KB)

We also want to share with you the results from one question of the survey that followed pilot 3. The graph below shows the themes/subjects that educators found the most interesting to learn via a MOOC.

Graph themes for a new MOOC

If you’re designing a MOOC or thinking on offering one for educators, this is some useful information!


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