Some tips for running a HANDSON Toolkit workshop

If you are a teacher trainer, a learning and teaching expert or a learning technologist – or, more generally, someone close to the usage of technology in education – and you want to help educators or others like you to facilitate the inclusion of ICT tools in education, the HANDSON toolkit is for you!

The HANDSON toolkit is an immersive activity aimed at walking the participants through the design process of an ICT-based learning activity. This rapid and iterative activity follows the approach of the Learning Design Studio and it is aimed at empowering educators as designers.

Like design thinking, the toolkit makes participants work on elements such as empathy, rapid prototyping, evaluation and reflection.

Some tips to prepare the session

  • Check the place and time of the training. Try to find out about the profile of the participants: average age, types of courses, ICT expertise, motivations, etc.). You can you the pre-survey we designed to send it out online before the workshop.
  • Prepare the list(s) of ICT tools that you will hand with the toolkit. We suggest you to group these tools using the competencies and actions given for step 7. This will make it easier for participants with less knowledge of technology in education. There are already many available lists and classifications on the Internet.
  • Print the toolkits – one per participant. If you want to use the pre-survey and post-survey in the paper format and want to record and publish some multimedia of the session, ask participants to sign and accept these materials to be published. You will need to print these 3 documents as well.
  • Bring pens, post-its and name tags.
  • Be there 30 minutes before the start of the session to prepare the room and place tables and chair so that participants can work in pairs.
  • Select the playlist you will use according to your participants preferences (if you have asked for them previously) or their age. To create the list, you can you use services such as Goear, Grooveshark and YouTube.
  • Check the internet connection so that you can play the music and show any tools. There are many resources you can use on the HANDSON website.
  • Be sure to have a good way to control the time and inform the participants when time is over. The toolkit is a very rapid and agile activity and time needs to be kept
  • carefully.
  • Decide whether you will use social media tools to disseminate the workshop while it is taking place.
  • Create or adapt a presentation to help you and the participants follow the different steps. This is not a requirement, use it just if it makes you feel more comfortable. Remember that you can also use the toolkit for facilitators as your guide.
  • Think of ways to get the participants feedback during the session. Do you want to ask them to share the ICT tools they are already using? Or maybe to say aloud the names and taglines of the persona they have created?
  • How will you do the group change? Think of a fun and relaxing activity so that it is like a mini break during the session.

During the workshop

  • Have fun and engage participants! This is a different type of session and it is very important to let participants know and make them feel comfortable and ready to take part in it.
  • Introduce the workshop, the facilitators (we recommend at least 2) and the methodology using during the activity. Remind them that the goal of the HANDSON toolkit is that participants design an ICT-based learning activity.
  • Introduce briefly each step, announce the amount of available time for it, play music and keep the time (you can use online services such as Stopwatch).
  • Walk through the tables and listen carefully what the participants are doing in case they need any help or feedback. Share for the whole group any clarification that might be of interest to them.
  • Use social media if you want to share the activity with a broader audience. We invite you to use @Handson_ICT on Twitter and #HANDSON.
  • Take pictures and videos if you need them.
  • Take notes of any improvement you would like to incorporate to the toolkit or in a further session.
  • Ask participants to share with one word what they thought about the workshop. It is better if you have post-its notes to do so as it allows for a more honest feedback.

After the workshop

  • Debrief with the other facilitators. How did it go? What was the reaction of participants? Were they engaged? Write down any tips, ideas or improvements for further training sessions.
  • Analyse the surveys, if you used them.
  • Check the impact of the social media actions.
  • Share a short summary of the workshop and the HANDSON toolkit materials with participants and any other colleagues that might be interested in them.
  • Send us an email and let us know how it went and any improvement you would like to see in the toolkit!

Try the HANDSON toolkit! It is an enriching experience both for participants and facilitators!



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