Claim your H.O.T Mentor badge!

The Hands-On Toolkit badge (H.O.T badge) is awarded to facilitators that have run the HANDSON toolkit workshop with educators, teacher trainers, learning and teaching experts, or – in general – with anyone related to the use of ICT in education.


What is the HANDSON toolkit?

  • It is a different type of training activity.
  • It is immersive, agile and hands-on.
  • It is about empathy, rapid prototyping, evaluation and reflection.
  • It is refreshing and its aim is to empower educators as designers.

Why would you run a HANDSON toolkit workshop?

  • Do you believe that technology is a resource that needs to be integrated based on the teaching and learning goals?
  • Do you believe that educators need design skills to better create learning activities?
  • Do you believe that iteration is a good way to improve often the learning activities or any design task you do?
  • Do you believe that technology can have a bigger role in education?

The HANDSON toolkit is for you. Run a H.O.T workshop and claim your badge!

Here is some feedback from HANDSON toolkit facilitators:

  • Ana Rodera – UOC, The Project: “A fresh and agile methodology, to connect with people offering personalization”
  • Israel Conejero – UOC, HANDSON Project Manager: “A two hours of real adventure for educators interested in designing ICT-based learning activities. Keywords: engaging, useful, fruitful, customization”
  • Mireia Leg – UOC: “a method that provides the necessary tools to reflect, build and design, from sharing experiences”.
  • Gema Santos – UOC: “The HANDSON toolkit creates an useful and practical learning design framework, which lets educators to think about their teaching and how improve skills-based learning of their students”
  • Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou – EA : “An educatιonal tool that enhances collaboration and shared knowledge”
  • Xanthie Chouliara – A revolutionary reflecting new tool of creating, collaborating, editing and sharing content online or/and offline for participants and trainers
  • Ania Rolinska – University of Glasgow  ‘a really hands-on approach introducing educators to the learning design framework and encouraging them to apply it to their own context and challenges right from the first minute of the workshop’

You’re the next one in the list?

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