A presentation example for the HANDSON Toolkit workshop

If you want to run a HANDSON toolkit workshop and you feel more comfortable projecting a presentation with the different steps of the session, here is an example of presentation we used at the University of Glasgow workshop.

Use it as it is or as an inspiration model to create your own.

Download (PDF, 940KB)

Very important!

  • Explain, repeat and insist that the goal of the toolkit is to design an ICT-based learning activity. This is what they will be working on during the workshop.
  • Select the list(s) of tools you will provide. In this presentation we used a Moodle one and a general 2.0 tools one. If you’re running the workshop within an institution/company, ask which environments/LMS/tools they use and select the list(s) accordingly.
  • Create your own story to provide examples during the workshop and think of some engagement tricks to engage participants.

Have fun and learn!

The HANDSON team

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