A list of Web 2.0 Tools for the HANDSON toolkit

The toolkit, like the HANDSON project, aims at empowering educators in the inclusion of ICT tools in the classroom. To accomplish so, the toolkit walks educators – with the guidance of one or two facilitators – in the design of an ICT-based learning activity.

Since each institution and individual is using a different set of tools – Moodle, commercial LMSs, technologies of the 2.0 web, Google Apps, etc. – it is up to the facilitators organizing the workshop to select and adapt the list of possible ICT tools that needs to be provided with the workshop materials.

As an example, we want to suggest this list of Web 2.0 Tools created by our associate partner The Project.

2.0 Tools - HANDSON

If you are a facilitator planning to run the HANDSON toolkit, think on your target audience, their context and tools available and select the best tool set for them!


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