The HANDSON Toolkit ready to go!

HANDSON ToolkitThe HANDSON toolkit is an immersive activity for educators meant to experience a learning design process in as short time as possible. This project-based format is an opportunity to touch on the pillars of learning design – empathy, iteration, rapid prototyping, reflection – without going into the theory and methods behind this approach.

Why a hands-on team-facilitated learning activity?

Learning design is an instructional design approach that places a role of designers on educators. The design activities include the definition of the educational challenge, the design of the learning activity and its implementation, evaluation and refinement all with a focus on the students and their contexts.

Learning design builds from disciplines such as user-centered design, design thinking or service design to bring a process and a set of methods for the conceptualization of educational products. It also leverages the expertise and experiences of peers to provide feedback and enhance these products.

The selection of ICT-tools

The goal of this immersive and hands-on activity is that educators design an ICT-based learning activity following a learning design process. Thus, the focus is not on the ICT tool but on the students/ end users and the context in which the learning activity is going to be implemented.

The last task of the activity is to select the ICT tools. Since these vary depending on the context, facilitators need to provide the list of tools. This will ensure that the tools are there to be used by the educators and students. Say your LMS is Moodle, a commercial tool or Google apps, then show a list according to the availability of tools in these environments.

Languages and questions

The toolkit will be soon available in Bulgarian, Catalan, English, French, Greek and Slovenian.

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