Benefits for teachers in joining a MOOC


Dr, Charlton discusses Learning Analytics

As mentioned in the previous post Dr. Sarah Younie, Dr. Patricia Charlton and Professor Christina Preston delivered a 45 minute conference presentation at BETT 2015 on MOOCs, their benefits and future potential. The presentation introduced the concepts and rationale behind a MOOC, and and outlined how we can use them to build learning communities, by teachers for teachers through drawing on international knowledge and experience at all levels. This was exemplified when the presenters described the Learning Designer which underpins the HANDSON MOOC, the International Learning Design Challenge and also the Move-It online challenge and resources, based on providing authentic learning experience for professionals

Finally, the presentation introduced CRAM, (Course Resources Appraisal Model), a new analytical tool designed to evaluate the learning benefits and teaching costs involved in transferring traditional teaching to an online model. Again this may be very valuable in helping us to evaluate the potential and sustainability of the HANDSON MOOC.


Professor Christina Preston, Dr. Patricia Charlton and Dr. Sarah Younie

The presentation was attended over 60 people on 21st January and on the following day MirandaNet participated on a Department for Education Panel, which again made substantial reference to the HANDSON project.

Presentation Slides, 

Download (PPTX, 4.3MB)


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