Certification HANDSON MOOC 3

In January/February the HANDSON project will deliver the certificates for the participants who got the ‘Designer’ badge. Having this badge means that students have followed and completed the 3rd MOOC of the HANDSON.

The certificate will be sent directly to the participants. It will include the candidate name and the certificate number as well as a QR code. Individuals will be able to scan the QR and authenticate the certificate from their phones or mobile devices. The certificate number can be also typed into the box at The Ingots project website to be validated. https://theingots.org/community/

We are currently working with Ian Lynch, from the MirandaNet team partner and The Ingots Project (The Learning Machine) which is a HANDSON’s Associate Partner and it is collaborating with the consortium by producing and validating the certificates productes. The aim is to automatize the delivering of the pdfs.

It is expected to prepare three different certificates: a standard one for the English, French, Spanish and Catalan language groups (English Language), a specific one for the Greek community which will include the EA (http://ea.gr/ea/highres.html) organization logo and a specific one for the Bulgarian community.

Our congratulations to the participants and thanks again to the collaboration with the Ingots Project.

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