Moving IT Online Challenge with Learning Designer

No 2. in a series of posts by Professor Christina Preston, MirandaNet Fellowship; partner of the EU HandsOn ICT project.


As a member of the EU HandsOn ICT team, I have just completed the first three weeks of a five-week Moving IT Online Challenge based on the use of Learning Designer, a lesson-planning tool developed by Professor Diana Laurillard and her team. The aim of this challenge is to help practitioners think about the context of taking teaching online. The tools are being used to help in the process of designing and sharing our learning designs with an emphasis on teaching online and reflecting on how to think about the challenges both from teaching and learning perspectives. In this pilot teachers are being invited to design a lesson or course of lessons that they then move to an online setting.

In the second stage the participants, who come from all over the world, review these designs both on others lessons plan spaces and on the same Padlet wall where they first introduced themselves to each other. As the course has progressed these posts have helped to create a sense of community and reflection.


The third pilot of the EU HandsOn ICT course is being undertaken in parallel with the Learning Designer challenge. At the end of these two pilots the EU HandsOn ICT team will draw on the Challenge experience. In particular we will be reviewing the varied pedagogies that the teachers have been prompted to use by the Learning Designer tool. We will also consider whether this software might be used as a data collection stimulus when students want to apply and share the ideas about lesson design that they have gathered from the EU online course about the use of ICT tools in teaching.

I will report next on the two weeks that follow that are about costing an online course from the teachers’ perspective.

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