End of the HANDSON MOOC 3: Postponed!

We can say that the 3rd edition of the MOOC has been a success!

  • 3052 people filled in the Join Us form
  • 1672 created a username in the course environment (Canvas)
  • 909 have joined a language group within the Canvas environment

From the qualitative side, we are also amazed at the contributions from the MOOC participants, how much engaged you are and also we are very happy to receive such positive feedback!

To give time to all participants to finish their activities and end the course with a ready to use ICT-based learning activity, we have decided to postpone the end of the MOOC to December 19th.

We will be there to answer your questions and doubts in the discussions. However we will be less proactive: no daily journals and no weekly convergence sessions.

If you are in the Catalan, English, French, Greek or Spanish group, you have a need deadline to finish up the activities and do them at your own pace.

We also want to keep learning and improving. This is way all active participants will receive a final MOOC survey and the less active ones will receive a very short survey to get as much feedback as possible. Thanks!


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