What is happening in the warm up activities of the HANDSON MOOC

We like so much to see your messages in twitter!. Here you find a selection of what is happening in #handsonpilot3:

Lea Štiberc ‏@LeaStiberc
Eager to learn #handsonpilot3

Imma Fornells ‏@imma_fornells
I am working in my Dreambazaar. My dream. #handsonpilot3

Kristina Mlinarič ‏@kristina_mlinar
Handson MOOC has already “forced” me to start using Twitter, my ePortfolio is expanding, my goal is to improve my use of ICT.#handsonpilot3

Chris Rimmer ‏@csrimmer
Just signed up for a MOOC on virtual instruction http://handsonict.eu  – I liked the warm up activities #handsonpilot3

Espartano ‏@MrCorinca
Un gusto poder compartir este nuevo curso mis mejores deseos para todos #handsonpilot3

Ida Brandão ‏@idabrandao
@Mentimeter @iconejero First time I’m using Mentimeter. Nice! @idabrandao #handsonpilot3

Carme S. ‏@krmsemper
Un MOOC #UOC per treure màxim profit de les TIC a les aules http://bit.ly/1FCabzx  #handsonpilot3


And thanks Ian for sharing your 6 second video about “Why do you teach?” in twitter. It is really interesting to see your reasons to teach. What are yours? share them with us.

Ian Guest ‏@IaninSheffield Oct 27
A brief 6s video answering “Why do you teach” as part of the warm-up activities for Hands-On ICT MOOC http://youtu.be/Wu9eq8Srbbo  #handsonpilot3

Also, we are asking you some questions in twitter. Here you can find the results to each question:

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