Your ideas about ICT and education. Results from the brainstorming activity

The brainstorming about ICT and education is full of very interesting ideas about the pros, cons, constraints, gaps and breakdowns of the use of ICT in education.  All comments coming from your experience. Thank you for your contributions! And for those of you that still want to participate, please do so!


There is a general opinion about the importance of introducing ICT from the very beginning of the design of an activity selecting the better approach and according to the teaching goals. Being sure about “that technology is a tool, not a purpose in the classroom, Nataliya Bukhanova”.

There is also an idea shared in the brainstorming that highlights that “learning technologies should be embedded into teaching and learning practice – so well integrated that they become almost invisible – and they should form a core element of learning design from the earliest concept stages”. (anonymous contribution)

Having the ICT well integrated in our classrooms “ICTs offer powerful tools to support communication both within learning groups and outside the “classroom”. Allow the teacher and students to act as partners. Promote networking between local and global communities, respecting equal access to learning resources.” María Jos.  Also “One of the greatest features of Web 2.0 technologies is that they give the learner ever increasing opportunity and control over their learning.” Neil Taylor. We can add to these pros that “ICT allow us both to individualize the progression of learning and to collaborate.”  Frédéric Miquel

But it is not always easy to integrate ICT in educations, there are challenges that we need to have into account:

– staff digital literacy

– student digital literacy

– getting technology work first time / every time (and without needing a plan B)

– getting out of your comfort zone when trying something new

– getting technology to support the pedagogy rather than technology driving it, by Uwe Richter

So there are a lot of questions about the introduction of ICT in education “How to optimize the use of ICT in teaching and learning? How to evaluate the added value of this practice?”, Innovative Thinking

In the HANDSON MOOC we will offer different tools and strategies to introduce ICT in education following a design process and having always into account the context, goals and people that are involved in the teaching and learning situation.

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