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HANDSON workshop at the Sofia University

The HANDSON MOOC 3 is being offered in 7 languages in parallel, one of them Bulgarian. This is possible thanks to the OUNL partner and Sofia University, which is a key Associate Partner and contributes to the project by disseminating the MOOC among its contacts and staff but also by providing participants and facilitators for the Bulgarian group. Associate partners are organizations that are not part of the Consortium but contribute in some way to the project through dissemination, technologies, running pilots, etc.

The 24th of September the HANDSON consortium participated in the research activity coinciding with MIE 2014 event: Doctoral conference in Mathematics, Informatics and Education. Dr. Peter Sloep and Dr. Slavi Stoyanove from the OUNL, a partner to the Hands-On project, both presented on the topics of MOOCs, their typical character as a learning environment (MOOCs, a revolution in education?) and their learning design aspects respectively.

During that afternoon the HANDSON team run a participative activity to the attendees of the workshop. This afternoon session was an open session for educators and students from the University of Sofia aimed at explaining the HANDSON MOOC and give participants an idea of the activities and philosophy behind the MOOC.The session was divided in 4 parts:

  • Overview of the HANDSON MOOC: syllabus and tools.
  • The Marshmallow Challenge (http://marshmallowchallenge.com/Welcome.html. This challenge shows the importance of prototyping and empirical approaches, like the Learning Design Studio does.
  • The Persona card activity. This is one of the most liked activities from the MOOC.
  • Peer and expert feedback on the persona card.
The aim of these activities was to simulate one of the MOOC activities in a face-to-face environment.
The day afterwards, the Consortium met to finish up the preparation of the third pilot and the refinement of the evaluation instruments (HANDSON MOOC 3).

The aim of the activiy was to simulate one of the MOOC activities in a face-to-face environment.

Links to the presentations’ files  by Dr. Peter and Dr. Stoyanove. More information about the content here.


HANDSON at the eLene2Learn conference

Gemma Aguado presented The Hands-On ICT project in the Final Conference of the eLene2Learn on 10th of October, participanting in the Introduction of Sister Initiatives, projects and practices relevant for eLene2learn stakeholders. The audience was about 30 people within partners, teachers and students. It was followed by questions and answers.

The eLene2learn, a Lifelong Learning Programme project, proposes a multi-stakeholder network, exploring and promoting the contribution of ICT and digital media in supporting the development of learning to learn competencies in lifelong learning transitions.

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