Why are educators joining the MOOC?

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With over 2200 participants from 120 different countries  now signed up to the HANDSON MOOC “Design Studio for ICT based learning activities” the  responses collected on the survey forms reveal some of the very interesting reasons for signing up. That  the main reason is ” To improve my knowledge of ICTs (new technologies for teaching and learning)”,  clearly shows that there is still a great need and demand from educators. It is also very encouraging  that a high percentage of participants want to share  and train colleagues and other teachers as part of an international community of educators.

Perhaps  it is surprising that over 50% of the participants are teaching in Higher,  Adult and Vocational education. This MOOC is of course also just as valuable for those teaching in schools sector, so we invite more of those teachers to join.

Don’t forget there is still time to join us for the October 27th launch, and we invite you to:

We look forward to seeing you there….

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