YOU are part of it. Welcome Educators from all over the World.

We have reached 2,000 participants. With today’s post, we want to share with the countries and places from where these participants come from.

120 countries have at least 1 participant and 29 countries have at least 10 participants.

We want to thank our Associate Partners and the International Development offices of the UOC for their help on these achievements. Thanks to them HANDSON MOOC 3 is present in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.

EUROPE is the first country in the ranking with more [+1,260] participants and North and South AMERICA the second one with [+240] and [+225] respectively. AFRICA has [+160] participants registered while ASIA and OCEANIA have [+100] and (17) people.

Top 10 countries

The following data shows the ranking of the top 10 countries with more participants in the next HANDSON MOOC. As you will see, the top ten country’s official languages coincides with some of the languages in which the MOOC will be facilitated (Spanish or Catalan, Greek, French, Bulgarian or English).

1. Spain is the coordinator country of the project (UOC).
2. Greece is the EA partner homeland; it already had a great participation on the 2n edition of the MOOC.
3. France has resulted to be very active although there are no consortium partner or associate partner there. Thanks to the Associate Partner TELUQ and the lead facilitators in French.
4. Bulgaria, homeland of the Sofia University, which is Associate Partner and hosted the last consortium meeting in September where a dissemination action was carried out.
5. Colombia, where there is not partner nor associate partner.
6. Canada, homeland of the Associate Partner TELUQ (Quebec).
7. UK, homeland of the MirandaNet partner.
8. Mexico, there is the UOCs headquarters for Latin America and the United States.
9. Portugal, where there is not partner nor associate partner.
10. Trinidad and Tobago, in the South of the Caribbean Sea, close to the coast of Venezuela.

Among the countries with more than 10 participants are specially remarkable India, Peru, SouthAfrica, Tanzania and Kenia, with about [30] participants each.

Do you know which are the tiniest countries of the world? Are there participants registered? The answer is affirmative: 8 participants. Among the tiniest and proud fifteen countries we found Andorra (1), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (3), Maldives (1) and Tuvalu (3).

The HANDSON team is grateful to state that this new edition of the MOOC has doubled the number of participants registered in the previous one. It shows that educators are interested in improving their knowledge of the ICTs as they have also answered when registered (1520).

You are part of it. Thank and welcome all and each one of the participants from all over the world.

And YOU can still be part of it!

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