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The Hands-On ICT project Consortium has been working to create a large community with the HANDSON MOOC participants, the facilitators and also the Associate Partners (AP). The role of APs is very rellevant since they contribute to the project by providing their own communities, ICT tools and networks. We are currently in close contact with some more of them. Hopefully we will grow in collaboration.

This is the current list of Associates Partners:

ICDE – International Consortium of Distance Education
Norway http://www.icde.org/en/

SAIDE – SouthAfrican of Distance Education
SouthAfrica  http://www.saide.org.za/

Both the above organisations have spread the word about  the HANDSON MOOC across the oceans. NorthAmerica and Africa have been impacted through them.

Barcelona (Spain) http://web.gencat.cat/en/temes/educacio/
The Catalan Government Teaching Department has disseminated the third HANDSON MOOC through their portal (they have more than 67.000 affiliated teachers). The HANDSON project and the Department have reached an agreement by which they will accreditate teachers that show proof that they have transfered the MOOC 3 learning experience into the classroom (45 hours official certificate).

Sofia (Bulgària) http://elearn.uni-sofia.bg/
The eLearn Department of the University of Sofia is participating in the project leading the HANDSON MOOC 3 in Bulgarian language. They have disseminated the course and have also provided volunteer facilitators.

TÉLUQ – Distance University of the University of Quebec
Quèbec (Canada) http://www.teluq.ca/
This University has contributed to the dissemination in French and English and two of their Masters’ students in elearning are facilitators in the MOOC in French.

Barcelona (Spain) http://www.paueducation.com/en
This company has participated actively in the dissemination of the project through the vast net of contacts on the openeducationeurope portal.

Barcelona (Spain) http://www.upf.edu/en/
They lead the ILDE project. ILDE is the environment in which the Learning Design Studio activities take place. Together with ODS, they are working to connect both platforms.

ODS – Open Discovery Space
European Project – CIP-ICT-PSP-2011-5 http://opendiscoveryspace.eu/
The Open Discovery Space platform has a HANDSON Community and participants in the second edition of the MOOC where invited to join it and upload their learning activity. We expect to have ILDE and ODS connected for the new edition.

INGOTS, The Learning Machine
London (UK) https://theingots.org
It is an European project that provides support to the HANDSON MOOC certification. It collaborates on the requirements, validation and technological platform for the certificates. They generated MOOC 2 certificates and they are going to generate the MOOC 3 adding a new level of accreditation if possible.

Thank you to all Associate Partners for their support!
Israel Conejero Arto

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