Updates to MOOC HANDSON confirmed at University of Sofia

Consortium Meeting at the University of Sofia


Sofia University panorama 2“ by MrPanyGoff – Eigenes Werk. CC BY SA 3.0 über Wikimedia Commons

All partners of the HANDSON project met on the 24th and 25th of September at the University of Sofia, combining a dissemination activity with members of this University and a meeting to finalize the preparation of the next edition of the HANDSON MOOC.

The MOOC Learning Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities will start on October 27th and incorporates several updates in regards to the previous edition:

  • Although the modules and activities remain almost the same, we have introduced some changes to ease the learning process of the MOOC participants and also to reduce the workload.
  • Instead of using Moodle, the platform for this next MOOC is Canvas. This is a newer LMS that also has the peer-review functionality incorporated. We expect this change in the platform to provide a new experience with ICT for participants and facilitators.
  • More emphasis on peer-mentoring has been introduced and there are explicit activities that require peer-review and peer-feedback. We are sure that this will mean an even more richer learning experience for the participants.
  • The incorporation of a group of about 25 volunteer facilitators from different countries to help make this MOOC a unique course offered in many languages at the same time. The possibility for participants to communicate and do the course activities in 7 different languages: English, French, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Greek, Catalan and Spanish.

We are looking forward to start this new edition of the MOOC. If you are interested in participating, you can still join! http://handsonict.eu/join-us/



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