HandsOn Meeting in Sofia

By Slavi Stoyanov


Analysis of text about Moocs

During the HANDSON meeting in Sofia, I presented some ideas on instructional design approaches in MOOCs and their implications for our HANDSON MOOC. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of a systematic literature review on pedagogies and instructional design approaches in MOOCs reveals that  the discussion is still dominated by a dichotomous thinking, that is technological determinism vs pedagogical determinism, cMOOC vs xMOOC, cognitive-behaviourist  (instructivism)  vs social-constructivist vs connectivism, individual cognition vs distributed cognition.  Using  ‘and’ rather than ‘ versus’ is more productive approach. It is however easy to say and much more challenging to do.  To address this issue I looked at different instructional design approaches to extract some common elements all they share and showed  how we implemented these ‘first principles of instruction’ to our HANDSON MOOC course.

See the presentation for some more details or contact me for some more elaborated discussion at slavi.stoyanov@ou.nl

Slavi Stoyanov is research fellow at the Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology

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