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The HANDSON MOOC edition 3 will start on October 27th, so you still have time to make up your mind and join us! The kick-off session will take place on Thursday 23rd of October at 3pm CEST (Madrid/Brussels time)
Here are the responses to some of the FAQs:

– How much time will I need to follow the course? About 4-6 hours per week
– Will I receive a certificate? Yes, there will be a certificate of participation to all the participants that obtain the 6 badges.
– How can I show proof of the badges? The 6 badges of the HANDSON MOOC can be added to the Mozilla Backpack.
– Do I need a good level of English? English is just required for reading purposes. All the materials are in English but you can contribute and discuss in any of the 7 languages.
– Are there deadlines for the activities? No, we will suggest a timeline for the activities and the course but you can also follow these at your own pace.
– Do I need to attend the convergence sessions? No, they are optional. There will be 7 convergence sessions every week – one per language – but they are not mandatory and you can watch the recording if you want to.
Any further questions? Send us an email:
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