Forthcoming Learning Designer Workshop in London.


Prof. Diana Laurillard. IOE demonstrating use of Learning Designer (author CC BY NC)

Participating in courses an  activities online is now expected of most of us involved in Education. HANDSON partners. Mirandanet will be working in collaboration with Learning Designer Community, Hands-on ICT and Creative Digital Solutions  to facilitate this workshop on workshop on building teaching community knowledge to make best use of learning technologies.

The aim is to provide ways of describing and sharing most effective teaching ideas, especially those that illustrate ‘pedagogically purposeful uses of technology for learning’.  The workshop will introduce the Learning Designer, a simple web interface that enables the user to browse learning designs for selected learning outcomes, topics and activities. It is possible to search for designs, review designs and adapt designs and create your own design. A core focus but not limited to is the design of learning design activities with a particular focus on teaching and using ICT. The designs created will be internationally shareable and maybe used during the Third International Learning Design Challenge, which will be collaborating with phase III of the Hands On ICT project. The focus of the learning designs will be around technology, in particular teaching ICT in a broad sense e.g. digital literacies, IT, Computer Science and e-safety.  The workshop gives all participants hands-on access to the design tool, with guided activities in browsing, designing and sharing designs.

During the workshop there will be opportunities for participants to comment on the design and CRAM tool to make suggestions for changes, critique existing designs, and develop their own designs and experiment with resources and cost modelling when moving from face-to-face to online teaching.  The project team would like to make use of all these inputs as research data, to improve the quality of the tool and the workshop. Participants will be given consent forms at the start, and will be able to agree to or decline the use of the different types of data by signing the consent form at the end. All data will be anonymised, but for agreed use, you may choose to be identified.  If the designs are made public on the tool members of the learning designer community will be able to use the designs as well.

The workshop will be held at the London Knowledge Lab on 15th October,  10:00-16:30

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