New MOOC includes Facilitators, Peer Mentors and Digital Badges

Posted by Muriel Garretta

The new version of the HandsOn MOOC, will feature new badges: facilitation and peer-mentoring. On October 24th we will be launching our third MOOC with a Hangouts session (3 pm CEST). The course starts on Monday 27th and and includes all the new features,

All HandsOn MOOC facilitators will receive a certificate and also the facilitator badge. As explained here, from our previous evaluation, facilitation is critical:

“the most important instructor/facilitator skills were not necessarily content expertise, but rather community building and group facilitation ability. Contrary to what we originally supposed, a high level of content expertise on the part of facilitators may even dampen the peer learning experience, as participants are more prone to want to be “taught” by the experts, rather than fully engaging in the peer experience.”

Taking this aspect into account, the facilitator functions during the HandsOn MOOC will:

  • Promote participation among course participants.
  • Build a sense of community for the participants in the different languages.
  • Guide participants on their activities.
  • Build a sense of trust and fairness for the group.
  • Resolve doubts and answer specific questions. “Be there” for the participants.
  • Prompt participants to provide feedback to other participants.

Thus, facilitators have a key role on the MOOC and are also part of the peer-mentoring approach we have designed.  All participants will be invited to peer-review contributions and provide feedback to other participants. Peer-mentoring is an intrinsic learning opportunity by itself and also highly enriching.

Peer-mentors and facilitators will earn these badges

HandsOn_Badges_Facilitator HandsOn_Badges_Peer

All HandsOn badges can be exported to the Mozilla Open Badges backpack:

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