Call for facilitators: Learn to be a MOOC facilitator and much more!

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Facilitating a Mooc

Post by Carles Fernandez and Muriel Garretta

The Hands-On ICT (HANDSON, project aims at facilitating the integration of ICT tools in teaching and learning by developing a learning-by-doing environment, designed to be explored by educators, individually, or with the guidance of a peer-mentor

Our next (third) MOOC – starting October 27th – will be offered in several languages (English, Spanish, Slovenian, Greek and Catalan) and we are looking for volunteer facilitators familiar with these different languages. A good level of English is also required to facilitate.

What will you gain from being a facilitator?

  • Learn about the Learning Design Studio approach and the methods it uses.

  • Be part of a community of educators interested in ICT and education.

  • Learn what MOOC facilitation is and an approach to do it.

  • Be part of an international team of facilitators.

  • Be amazed by the participants’ contributions and achievements.

  • Be part of an enriching process and receive a formal statement of participation.

During 5 weeks in May-June 2014, we offered a MOOC designed for teachers in order to facilitate the design of learning activities and the integration of ICTs through the ‘Learning Design Studio’ methodology. Our experience as facilitators with almost 1000 students in this MOOC was really enriching ! There is a  short video about it here (

For everyone interested to be a facilitator, we plan to provide a small course to share all our experience as facilitators in MOOC environments, including how to promote peer mentoring, how facilitators can make effective use of their time, and which tools can support facilitation, etc. Also, you will be supported by us throughout the MOOC.

Following the powerful innovative approach of Learning Design Studio, as facilitators, you will be working on pilot 3 of the HANDSON project. The MOOC is aimed at educators interested in designing an ICT-based learning activity. Participants also learn about the design process, its associated techniques and they will be part of a community of peers.

You can also check out some of the videos produced during pilot 2 to get an idea of what to expect during pilot 3:
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