HandsOn MOOC, Third Pilot, Begins October 2014

The second pilot course of the project has just finished. The MOOC has been really successful in terms of number of participants and the amount and quality of their work. Almost 800 persons from several nationalities joined the course, and over a hundred of them have been actively involved in the learning activities proposed in the course.

The third pilot course will be offered by the end of October (see poster opposite). This edition will be offered in several languages (English, Spanish, Greek, Slovenian and Bulgarian, and possibly others), allowing more teachers from several countries to participate in the course and share and exchange their practices and resources. Also, new learning tools will be tested in order to analyze how learning technologies can support the learning design process and the creation of specific teaching resources. In this edition, some of the teachers who participated in the second pilot will be able to participate again by applying their own learning products with their own students, who also will be involved in the pilot.

We will provide you with more information soon in case you want to participate in the course. If you are interested in joining the next edition of the MOOC, please click here

Written by Carles Fernàndez Barrera, UOC

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