HandsOn ICT team attend two conferences in two days…


Conference hearing about HandsOn, image Viktorija

The  Make Learn conference took  place in Portorož, Slovenia From 25-27 June. 158 papers were presented  from 48 countries were presented. The papers covered the management of knowledge and learning, particularly with human capital issues and relationship between knowledge, learning and quality of life.

The HandsoOn ICT project dissemination was  part of Thursday’s session titled Information Systems Management and Decision Support Systems 3, lead by Benjamin Lesjak, a member of EMUNI team. Firstly Viktorija Florjančič, presented a paper written with co-author Benjamin Lesjak, Evaluation of MOOC: Hands-ON Project or Creative Use of ICT in Teaching. The session was continued by  the MirandaNet team, Christina Preston and Sarah Younie,  who presented a paper When the Funding Ends: Using the Handson ICT MOOC as a Key Element in Research and Development Projects Funded by the EU ICT Industry. The audience welcomed the Hands-On initiative and expressed a lot of interest to participate in the 3rd round. The both project’s partner, MirandaNet and EMUNI, presented the project’s poster during the Foyer session.

The next day, on Friday, 20 km from Portorož, in Koper, the 5th Slovenian MoodleMoot, was organized by Zavod Brina,a  local institute for educational services. The MoodleMoots conferences bring together Moodle users to share and exchange their best practises. The MoodleMoots are well known all over the world. National MoodleMoot  conferences usually bring together presenters from foreign countries too. This year Slovenian MoodleMoot was virtually connected to the MirandaMods 2014 from where Ian Lynch presented MOOC Assessment and Patricia Charlton Designing Active Learning in Moodle – a preview of the Learning Designer tools.

The other part of MirandaNet team, Christina Preston and Sarah Younie, have been in Koper and have held their presentation From a community of practice perspective learning in a MOOC can be a lonely process in the front of 34 member audience. In the International session Carles Fernandez from UOC team presented Moodle as a MOOC environment to train teachers on Learning Design methodologies online. The MirandaNet and EMUNI team took advantage of the poster session to present a Hands-On ICT project’s poster as well.


Viktorija, Christina & Sarah

Written by Viktorija Florjančič, EMUNI team

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