Practical Design Patterns for Teaching and Learning with Technology

Yishay Mor, Harvey Mellar, Steven Warburton and Niall Winters (Eds)

This fascinating book provides copious evidence that ‘these are challenging times in which to be an educator.’ I’d recommend it to any professional who is grappling with the value of new technologies, whatever their teaching and learning style.


Dr. Yisay Mor, one of the editors of this book, has been running a series of workshops about practical design patterns for teaching and learning with technology as well as leading the facilitation of the second pilot of the Hands-On ICT MOOC in conjunction with the project coordinator. In this pilot the Learning Design Studio framework is used to guide educators in the process of designing learning activities ICT-based.

The Learning Design studio is a collaborative, blended, project-based framework for training teachers in effective and evidence-based use of educational technology. In their paper about the Learning Design Studio,  Mor and Mogilevsky (2013) argue that teachers are the primary change agents in any educational system. Several decades of research have produced an extensive body of scientific knowledge of effective ways to use technology to support learning. “If we want to mainstream this knowledge and use it to improve educational systems, we need to make this knowledge available to educational practitioners. The dominant model of teacher education assumes that teachers should be provided with a solid theoretical curriculum, which they will then apply in their practice”.

In contrast, Mor and Mogilevsky are arguing for an alternative, a  more learner-centred approach – the design-inquiry model. They offer the learning design studio as a manifestation of this model. As a result by the end of the HandsOn ICT course,  the participants will have an ICT-based learning activity ready to use in their classrooms and they will also have learned about the Learning Design Studio process and its main techniques.

The Practical Design Patterns for Teaching and Learning with Technology takes these ideas further with actual examples of learning patterns by practitioners. I found the ’ book’  was an appropriate choice of technology for outlining the new thinking that underpins the learning events that are described. It proved to be  essential reading alongside my involvement in the pilot of the EU LLL Hands-On ICT MOOC.

Dr. Yishay Mor has been working with Slavi Stoyanov and Peter Sloep at the Open University of the Netherlands who designed the Hands-On ICT MOOC activities (WP3). This notion is widely and deeply examined in the book as well. The combination of these two learning activities, participating in the MOOC and reading the book has made me far more optimistic and confident that technologies used well can enrich learning and teaching processes.



  •  Learning Design Studio here
  • The learning design studio: collaborative design inquiry as teachers’ professional development Yishay Mor, Orit Mogilevsky (2013) here
  •  Practical Design Patterns for Teaching and Learning with Technology(2014)  here

2014 Sense Publishing
(The first 90 pages can be dowloaded free)


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