More than 500 Greek teachers participate in HandsOn Pilot 2


Screenshot, An active Greek discussion forum.

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) contributed to the dissemination of the second pilot by sending invitation through emails and  the etwinning mailing list to all primary and secondary Greek Schools. Eventually, more than 500 Greek educators expressed their interest and joined the MOOC!

Since half of the participants of the course are Greek, EA suggested the creation of a Greek forum, the Greek Study Circle,  Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou from EA is the the facilitator in this forum. This initiative gave the opportunity to the Greek participants to exchange ideas and share experiences in their own language. Indeed, they seem to feel more confident in using the tool and are more motivated to collaborate with each other. It is proving that the more the participants use the forum, the more active become in the forum!

This post contributed by: Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou  

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