Hands-On ICT at ARNES 2014, A guest post by Dr. Benjamin Lesjak


Dr. Benjamin Lesjak, EMUNI, Slovenia; who is a member of the HANDSON consortium, recently delivered a presentation at ARNES 2014 Conference – Transferring Knowledge http://eng.sirikt.si/events/arnes-2014-conference/. Benjamin presented his experiences of using videoconferencing service as  an ICT tool, integrated into his regular teaching.  This included collaborative processes, especially distance teaching, remote meetings, guest lectures, distance student thesis review and examination, and to extend  the target audiences to those who cannot attend lectures in person.


The  conference also included several presentations about  MOOC.  It was a presentation by iversity.org, which offer unprecedented opportunities for students and professors alike. Iversity.org is supported by European Commission who state that with MOOCs, education becomes accessible to everyone, anywhere on the globe.

This is also the aim of Hands-On ICT project. Learn more about our the  current  HANDSON pilot – Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities – http://riga.uoc.es/moodle/.


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