HANDSON MOOC pilot 2 Badges


We are using badges for the HANDSON MOOC as a recognition tool for the completion of the course activities. You can earn a badge each week indicating that you have completed the activities.

When you log into the Moodle and go to the course, you will see that every activity, on the right, has a checkbox. Please, check the activities that you have completed. If you have accomplished all of the activities of one week, you will get one badge for this concrete phase of the Learning Design Process. So, you can earn the INITIATE, INVESTIGATE, INSPIRE & IDEATE, PROTOTYPE, EVALUATE & REFLECT badge.


We suggest you to review the state of your activities every week and check all the ones that you have already completed. Each week has it’s own badge but we advise you to do the whole course to earn the “HANDSON designer” badge!

Once you earn a badge, it will be visible in your Moodle profile.


These OpenBadges badges from Mozilla:

The badges you earn in this course are aligned with Mozilla Open Badges, this means that you can configure the system to send the badges earned during this MOOC to your Mozilla Backpack. Doing this you can display badges in the web.

For doing this, we recommend to read the Mozilla instructions. If you have any doubt send us a message to the Technical forum.

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