Today at 3 pm CEST: Opening Session: Introduction of the course and meet the facilitators

Today starts the second pilot of the HANDSON project. The pilot has been designed as a MOOC and it is called: Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities. At 3 pm CEST on Hangouts the facilitators will introduce the course. Join us and participate via chat!

You’re more than 800 participants from 40 countries and we’re eager to start this adventure!


If you have problems with registration, follow the instructions in this image:


Lead facilitator: Yishay Mor

Content facilitators: Muriel Garreta, Gemma Aguado
f1       aguado
Support and technical facilitators: Carles Fernández, Toni Mangas
cfernandezba       jmangas
Social media facilitators: Israel Conejero, Roger Griset
Video support: Mireia García
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