Yishay Mor is the lead facilitator for pilot 2

yishAbout 200 teachers have currently registered to the second pilot of the HANDSON project. It will start on the 19th of May.

This MOOC is called Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities and aims at helping educators introduce ICT in their teaching and learning practices.The indepenent consultant Phd. Yishay Mor was invited to take part of the Consortium meeting in London last April 28th held at the London Knowledge Lab. His participation had two goals: provide us with his expertise in the Learning Design Studio framework and take the rol of External Evaluation for this second pilot. Quoting from his website (www.yishaymor.org) Yishay is ‘Interested in the design and use of technology for social and individual empowerment, through opening opportunities for participatory learning, collective action and expression’.In addition to this, Yishay is the lead facilitator for the MOOC during this second pilot. He has experience both in training and teaching about Learning Design Studio and in designing and facilitating a MOOC such as the OLDS MOOC: http://www.olds.ac.uk/. Muriel Garreta, Gemma Aguado, Carles Fernández and Roger Griset, from the Learning Services department at the UOC will also be facilitators during the 5 week course.

The distribution of tasks among the Consortium

UOC is coordinating this second pilot which is targeted to educators from Higher Education, VET and Secondary Schools. The OUNL partner, as leader of WP3, is designing the learning activities according to the goals of the project and the Learning Design Studio approach, EMUNI is in charge of the quality assessment of the pilots. UOC provides the technological platform for the pilot. MirandaNet is providing feedback and expertise on the course and disseminating it. EA participates providing teachers from Secondary Schools.The pilot is foreseen to reach out to a minimum of one hundred teachers around Europe.
If you are an educator and interested in learning how to design ICT-based learning activities, join the course at http://riga.uoc.es/moodle/
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