10 principles for the CPD of our teachers

The HandsON consortium has been working in the identification of best practices for the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers. Almost 20 projects and European reports related to teacher training, ICT and creativity have been analyzed, and from them we have extracted  an interesting know-how to share.

On the other hand, all the institutions participating in the project have their own experience in teacher training programs and the practicalities related to these. Based on that experience and the mentioned reports, could we provide the 10 most important principles that should guide the CPD of teachers?  After several weeks of exchanging knowledge, we finally agreed on these 10 principles that could be applied by most of Universities and other educational organizations. The principles address several directions, such as teacher needs, teacher mentoring, use of ICTs and environments for practice, etc.  In fact, many of these statements are the focus of Hands ON ICT, and by the end of the project we expect to propose specific solutions to them.
Click on the link below if you want to access to the list of the principles.


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