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One of the topics that the HandsOn partners will be discussing during their time at BETT 2014 and afterwards will be MOOCs, (Massive Open Online Courses). In order to work towards a MOOC design appropriate for HandsOn, the partners have been developing a MOOC using Moodle as a platform, (screenshots below), which will be accessed by small groups of teachers taking part in the initial HandsOn pilots which will run in five European countries, starting early January 2014. (England, Greece, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain).

Course_ Mind mapping & concept mapping

Screenshot of the HandsOn MOOC

Of course, there are as many different opinions on MOOC as there are fish in the sea, and the MOOC landscape is constantly changing and evolving. There  are currently many different types of MOOCS ranging from  those with a very didactic, course centred approach, to more open and connectivist knowledge building platforms which might include user feedback and peer assessment. The distinction between platform and provider can also be confusing. It is still early days.

In addition to researching and testing MOOC platforms, the HandsOn partners have been actively exploring, reading and debating some of the current thinking that is emerging about MOOCs. We are happy to share some of these links and we hope you find them of interest.

Research reviews on Moocs from DERN

7 things you should know about MOOCs from Educause

A presentation from Steven Downes (One of the originators of the MOOC)

Donald Clark on MOOCS – where next?

..and on the evolution of MOOC platforms

Donald will be one of the panelists taking part in the HandsOn focused MirandaMod on MOOCs –  more info here


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