News from Barcelona – HandsOn Project meeting; September 2013

View from the offices of FOUC

View from the FUOC office

The HandsOn-ICT (HandsOn) Consortium Partners from Catalonia, Greece, Netherlands, Slovenia and the UK held a successful and productive meeting in Barcelona at FUOC, (Foundation for the Open University of Catalonia), in late September, 2013 in order to move the project forward to its next stage.

The workshops held during the meeting achieved a number of significant goals including the design of new leaflets and promotional materials, to assist with the dissemination of the project to education managers and decision makers, and to attract teachers. Other initiatives undertaken included the recording a number of video clips, ‘video pills,’ which will be used to share information about the project in an engaging manner, alongside the developing and growing HandsOn social media channels.

In the pedagogical workshops, partners collaborated on developing a number of learning activities involving the contextual and creative application of ICT. These included:

  • Digital tools for creative writing including coding
  • Concept mapping and mind mapping
  • Morphological Analysis and SCAMPER, (problem solving and remixing),
  • Creating Collaborative documents

In order to provide a stimulating environment for hosting activities, over the past months, FUOC have been research a number of Open MOOC platforms, the outcome of this was the selection of  a new open environment, based on Moodle.  The environment was demonstrated to the consortium and will be available shortly, together with an online survey that will inform the project and target participating teachers needs. The pilot programmes in partner countries will commence in late November.

twitter screenshot

The HandsOn Twitter account is active

To ensure the sustainability of the project it is intended to seed the  learning activities on a wiki where  they can be augmented by contributions from members of the HandsOn community, thus creating a sustainable knowledge base complete with links and resources. Several other strands of the HandsOn that were discussed, relating to sustainability included assessment, teacher accreditation and badges.

Overall this was a extremely productive meeting. The potential of Handson_ICT  is very exciting. If you want find out more, or become involved in HandsOn please contact . We also welcome comments on the blog posts and please don’t forget  to follow @Handson_ICT on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

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