MOOC analysis

The HANDSON consortium has carried out an analysis of the main MOOC platforms (Massive Open Online Courses) that exist in the market. These are the ones we analized in detail: Unimooc, Khan Academy, OpenLearning Initiative, edX, MIT Opencourseware, Canvas, Mooc2degree, Coursera, Udacity, Class2go, TED ED, P2PU , OpenMOOC and CourseBuilder.

We have particularly studied the open source platforms, more specifically: OpenMooc, Coursebuilder and EdX. To have an open sourced technology is esential is for a project that can not depend on the decisions made by third parties, in special if they are private companies. Because of that, these three platforms and their functionalities have been tested in our own servers.

OpenMOOC  is part of a big open source community, mainly managed by UNED and CSEVCoursebuilder is the MOOC launched by Google, and EdX is the platform created by the MIT, which has recently merged with the Class2go platform by Stanford. After having tested the three MOOCs, the EdX platform has showed to be the most suitable for the objectives of Handson, and globally has more functionalities. At the moment, the project team is testing the several functionalities of this platform, and the first test-course is expected by September 2013.
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