The Emperor’s New Clothes

Digital Literacy, ICT Creativity and Computational Thinking

Hans Christian Anderson’s story of the Emperor’s New Clothes is well known around the world. At the Mirandanet Symposium on the 9th July 2013, Ian Lynch will present a thought provoking paper relating Anderson’s classic tale to the current controversy over the technology curriculum in UK schools.

The HandsonICT project is all about developing teacher skills in digital technologies. In England, the claim is that the previous National Curriculum was failing to engage children and it was discredited as being “death by Powerpoint”. What was needed was computing, including computational thinking and computer programming. How much of this is rational reality and how much of it is politics? How much is really about curriculum change and how much about teacher change? You can read more details in

Digital Literacy, ICT Creativity and Computational Thinking
The Importance of changing the teachers.




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