The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education

The 10th World Conference on Computers in Education is being held in Torun, Poland from July 2-5, 2013. The conference theme is “Learning while we are connected” which makes this an excellent audience for a presentation about the ideas behind the LifeLong Learning Hands-On project. Christina will attend the conference and will take the opportunity to share some early ideas on fulfilling the aims of the project:

  • Provision of a holistic environment for teachers skills development in ICT.
  • The integration of ICT tools into teaching and learning.
  • Matching tools to pedagogical practice.
  • Enabling collaborative strategies.
  • Promoting learning by doing.

Christina will also be inviting the audience to join online the event on July 9th that puts these ideas into practice.

Download the full presentation: WCCE HandsOn

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