MirandaNet Workshop (28th May) – Introducing HANDSON Project

The questions we tackled in this workshop were:28th May

  • What are the outcomes we seek for learners in a 21st Century social, economic and technological context? Skills, competences and attitudes (personal, creativity, knowledge…)?
  • What are the value systems for learning institutions?
  • How can we create a framework for education to become evidence based?
  • How do we balance the evaluation of educational technology contexts in pedagogical, social and economic aspects of learning?
  • How do we build the system wide knowledge base for transformation?
  • How do we build the learning competences of professionals to design, deliver and enhance the systems of learning, based on evidence?
  • What is a 21st Century Learning Platform?

Christina introduced HANDSON Project in the context of 21st Century Learning Platforms. Theo presented a draft version of a mind map “Creativity in Computing and ICT in Education”.

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